Monday, May 19, 2008

So, this is my very firs blog post. Hope you like it!

I just finished this great box for my sister-in-law. She requested more handmade cards for her birthday gift and I also wanted to give her something pretty to keep them in. I purchased a box from the craft store. I bought coordinating paper and cut it to fit each side. I did this instead of folding around the edges to give it cleaner lines.

I used mod poge to adhere the pages then did a coating of mod poge over the paper to keep it put. I then used my sanding block to roughen up the edges. This helped with the pages that weren't cut exactly right and took some of the color out of the original box. It also gives it a "been around" feeling. I took brown ink and used a sponge to age the edges. Finished off with large flowers, brads and ribbons.

I hope she likes it!