Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Meet Super Stas

After Stasiu got off the bus yesterday, he told me he was a superhero named Super Stas. I thought it was cute and thought nothing of it again until after the kids came in from playing outside.

Stasiu donned his batman cape, cowl and headlight and declared he had to go save Lauren. Next thing we hear is the front door opening. We get him back inside and this is how the conversation went:

Us: Honey, it's late, you can't go save Lauren now.

Stas: But she's in trouble.

Us: How do you know?

Stas: My big toe told me.

At this point Chris and I are trying really hard to keep a straight face.

Us: Your big toe?

Stas: Yes, it lights up when someone's in trouble.

Us: How do you know it's Lauren that is in trouble.

Stas: It told me!

He was serious. He was going to run super fast to her house and save her. Turns out, she was in trouble, she got her head caught in her nightgown. Maybe the toe knows....

Fast forward to this morning when we are all in my bathroom getting ready.

Stas: Duncun's in trouble.

Me: (forgetting the superhero thing) Why? What did he do?

Stas: He's in trouble.

Me: How do you know?

Stas: My big toe told me.

Then he walks out of the room and comes back in with his cape.

Me: Honey, you can't wear your cape to school.

Stas: Why not? What if someone gets in trouble?

Me: Well, another superhero will have to take over while you are in school.

Stas: What about Steven? (a school friend)

Me: That sounds good.

Stas: His name starts with an "s" too. I just don't know if he has a big toe that goes off.

I cannot make this stuff up...