Monday, November 9, 2009

Keep an Eye on This One, Urban

Stasiu started football on Saturday. He has taken to it even more than soccer. He is getting the rules of the game and absolutely loves it!

He's number 96. They are getting ready to start the game after the practice.

He's taking off with the ball!!

He is weaving through the players...

He's ahead of them!

Touchdown Stasiu!!!!!

After the game, the team mom made this banner for the kids to crash through.

Naturally, Stasiu was one of the first ones through. Who could resist being allowed to tear something up that big?

Of course, they weren't finished. They had to completely destroy it.

This is going to be a great season. It's just his first game and he already loves it, participates more than in soccer and is paying attention and trying to learn the game.


Jen said...

Absolutely Awesome!!! LOVE IT!

The Long Famil said...

We are so proud of Stasiu! He looks like he loves playing! Does he play every Saturday? How long is the season?