Thursday, August 19, 2010

Zombies and Care Bears

A couple days ago. Lauren went with me to get Stas at school. Since all three kids were across the back seat, the conversation got fun.

Lauren: I'm the Queen of the Care Bears.
Stas: I'm the King of the Zombies.

They got to gigging and being silly. Then from the backseat, I hear:

Lauren: Miss Beth, does Stas always pretend he's dead?

I look back and Stas is sprawled in his seat with his tongue lolling out.

Lauren: When you are my husband you will always love me but I may not always like you.
Stas: *huh*
Lauren: When we have a kid, we will name her Laura.
Stas: We can name the boy Boo Boo in case he says "boo" a lot.
Lauren: What about Monster? We can name him Monster Boo.
Stas: Ok!

The talk goes to making a party upstairs. While Stas and Lauren were making plans, Bohdan was trying to get their attention.

Bohden: Wo-Wen (Lauren), Wo-Wen, Wo-Wen!
Bohden: Me go party too?
Lauren: (in her best Mommy voice) Yes, Bohdan. You can go to the party too.

After we get to the house, they all go up to play. Stasiu said something about pretend play.

Lauren: That's a good idea Stas, I can be in charge!

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Jenn J said...

love it! gonna miss that cutie aren't they!