Friday, May 15, 2009

Shifting Rooms

I have this wonderful sun room. Well, it is now. Up until Wednesday it was the kid's toy room. And a disaster. You had to kick toys out of the way to get to the back door, which was a pain for playing outside, letting the dog out, grilling and such. It wasn't even very pleasant to sit in because of the mess. I know what you are saying "make them keep it clean". Uh-huh--that's realistic.

Cue the bonus room. Up until Thursday was my craft room/guest room/overflow library. It's a spacious room. With no light. I have that one window, a pitiful overhead light and that torchiere. And it gets H-O-T. When I would try to craft at night, and the boy's bedroom doors would close, most of the air flow was cut off to that room. It's a bear to craft at 11pm sweating.
The baby now goes up and down the narrow, carpeted back stairs by himself. I would have never let the oldest do this at nearly 2 years old, but the second child learns things so much quicker. Wok took the kids Wednesday night and fed them and entertained them for a few hours so Chris and I could start switching stuff.

By the end of the night, we had this

and this.

Thursday morning, my oldest and I finished putting the new upstairs toy room together. Yes, that is Gator paraphernalia hanging up. The oldest wants to paint the room orange--we are trying to talk him out of that.
By the end of yesterday, this is what the sun room looked like. It's getting there we still have the gentlemen's chest to move. We are getting some friends over to help--more than just one other person this time--and offering nourishment and adult beverages. And advil.

So far this is what I have. The chest is going to go where the yellow chair is and the chair will go--somewhere.

Last weekend the husband and I were talking about switching the rooms. He says "do you think you can get a piano in there?". Uh, sure honey.

The youngest, smiling instead of hollering at me. He's kinda cute.


Nyblaque said...

WOW! you are so lucky to have a house to switch rooms LOL.. I am just drooling over the space you have. Look like a great idea good luck. Oh, and sweetie pie is darling!! Bless you;-)


Jenn J said...

I cant wait to see the finished product. It's going to be wonderful! I can already hear us gals laughing in the crafty space while the kids are way upstairs playing. Good times to come!

The Long Family said...

I bet that feels good to have done! Good job!

Christy said...

Wow!! I can't wait to see it! It looks awesome!