Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Herding Cats

That is the best description I have of Bohdan's Rhythm and Motion class for two and three year olds. There are a couple girls who are right into it and do what they are told. There are a couple that just stand there and stare and there are a few who get teary.

Last week, Bohdan just cried and hung on to me. This week, he did great.

He sat by himself at first but at least wasn't clinging to me.

They did a dance with sticks. Bohdan chewed on them.

He wasn't too fond of the scarf.

He did sit with the others and pay attention after a bit. I think he finally realized he was the only boy in the class.
He made his way to the front of the class to participate.

Here he is trying to do the hand motions.

He looks a little confused.

Overall, I think he is enjoying it. I'm really looking forward to the recital--that will be hilarious!