Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sick Days

Yesterday, Stasiu got off the bus with a fever and a stomach ache. Turns out there's a bug going around and three weeks into the school year, we catch the first one. He was feeling better today, but I kept him home just to be sure. We actually had a great day.

He made this mask in school. I put holes in it and yarn on it so he could wear it. He's had it on just about all day.

We watched Planet Earth, Dirty Jobs and Dinosaur Train. We learned that Buddy is a T-Rex and they handled the whole eating other dinosaurs thing pretty well for kids. I was kind of wondering if he'd eat one of his adoptive siblings. Apparently in Dinosaur Train land, the carnivores eat carrion. They don't say where it comes from...

We also built a fort. A pretty good one if you ask me. I had a blast with this. Phoebe liked it, too since that is where she took her nap today.

Homework got done, we've colored, played outside, and took some pictures. He' doing better so he's off to school tomorrow.

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The Long Famil said...

I'm loving everything about this post. Great job, Beth!