Monday, September 1, 2008

Birthday Party

On Saturday, my oldest and I went to a birthday party for a little girl from our playgroup. We had a wonderful time. It was nice to get some of the kids together. Since school started last week, we haven't been able to make many playdates at all.

It was a beautiful day out. The kids go to run around and get crazy. They had hot dogs for lunch then cake and ice cream. One of the dads gave all the kids straws to suck up the ice cream as it was melting. They had a blast with that part!

The card above is the one I made for the birthday girl. I wanted something sweet and fun. The sentiment at the bottom is "bird-day". The card itself is blue base with the yellow over half. I stamped white flowers on it and covered the seam with blue and white ribbon. The inspiration for this card was found on another site a very long time ago--so long I can't find the original anymore. That's what happens when you make cards and they sit around before you post them.

The below picture is my oldest. There were fuzzy hats and purses being handed out. The boys, of course, were the ones interested. So, as we left, they all had matching fuzzy purses and hats. My son found a spyglass somewhere and was playing with it. At the time of this post he is watching Dirty Jobs --you guessed it--wearing his hat.


organidog said...

birthday, bird- day...hehe =D

I love your choice of music, too!

ElegantSnobbery said...

LOL, Bird-day. That is cute!