Friday, September 5, 2008

Paper Pieced Cosmobella

One of the blogs I subscribe to is Card of the Week. They have such great ideas and a wonderful list of sources for new yummy stamps and papers. While catching up--I really subscribe to too many blogs with verbose people--I found a tutorial I actually tried. It is paper piecing. Yeah, the phrase looks funny, but the idea is to build your card up in smaller pieces by concentrating on the image that is stamped. Who, you may ask, is this wonderful person with the tutorial? It is Di on Stampin' with Di. She gave one of the better tutorials I have seen in a while.

The funny thing about stampers and tutorials is I find that sometimes they are kinda wonky. You get the artistic type to write out a detailed description of a multi step process that they did and something goes haywire. I can't tell you how many times I've read a tutorial that I've ended up having to figure out myself because the instructions are either unclear and/or wrong. Not so with Di. Hers are spot on and easy to follow.

So, go check her out! She has a wonderful blog with some fantastic cards on it.

By the way, I think my card turned out pretty darn good. Even my husband was impressed. So, now--you guessed it-- I need to get more stamps that will allow me to paper pierce to my heart's content!

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rachelsigmak said...

Love your blog Beth! I am adding you to my favs!