Friday, November 28, 2008

At Least We Didn't Have to Go to the Emergency Room

This was the first year since we were married that we spent Thanksgiving without family. It was just my husband, our 4 year old son, our 15 month old son and myself. It was quiet and nice. My husband made beer braised shoulder pork, potato gratan, acorn squash and finished it off with a sinful creme brule. That is until dinner almost didn't happen.

While the pork was cooking, the baby was napping, I was putzing around and my husband and oldest were outside playing. At some point my son got a rock. No big deal. Dirt is his best friend. A while later I am upstairs and I hear there is a rock up his nose. You read right UP HIS NOSE. I go downstairs to investigate. I look up there and see nothing. And like any good mom of a little boy, I stick my pinky up there and don't feel anything. I give him a tissue, tell him to blow really hard and tell him we got it. I'm thinking he had some dirt fly up there and it was irritating him.

As I'm walking away, I think to myself, this is MY son, he is 4, he's done some pretty strange things. Would he shove a rock so far up there I couldn't see it. YUP. So I go off in search of a flashlight. Sure enough, he has a rock shoved up his nose. Almost clear to his sinuses. After a couple fits of hystrical laughing and seeing my future with not one but two boy children, I go tell my husband that unless I can extract this thing that an ER trip my be in our iminent future. "I thought you said there wasn't one up there!" he said. "I needed a flashlight", I said. Boy, can his eyes get big.

I find a thin pair of tweezers and somehow convince my son that it's ok for mommy to try to get the rock. He didn't like me shoving the tweezers up there. The rock going up was ok. The tweezers weren't. Now, he's crying because the rock hurts. Mind you, he'd been walking around with it in his nose for maybe an hour before he told us about it. I try the tweezers one last time and he isn't having it. I see our Thanksgiving being spent in the ER with a laughing doc as he gets the rock out. And probably nasty cafeteria turkey.

By now, the kid is laughing and crying and producing truckloads of snot. We try one last trick. We get him to hang upside down and blow his nose really hard. And Woo Hooo!! He expels the rock.

Now, we have a great story to tell for years to come. I'm sure it will come up at his wedding. I've saved, blogged and called all the grandparents.

Maybe I need to take out an ad now.


T.Allen-Mercado said...

Haha, I've heard this story quite a few times from others, luckily I escaped it. What is this orifice packing fascination that little boys have?! I've also heard of beans and beads being used!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's way to funny :P

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Gotta ove boys. :)

kim* said...

lol i am seriosuly crackin up at how you did it. it remind sme of my 1 yr old nephew and the that pea doesnt sound so bad as your rock.ouch! great story thanks for so glad you got real turkey not icky cafeteria food.


Maggie Sue Designs said...

OMG! You'll be able to embarrass the heck out of him by telling his girlfriends that story when he's older. Glad it turned out OK :)
Meredith aka Maggie Sue

Jenn said...

OH MY! I'm so glad you got it out without the ER! I don't know I would have thought to turn the child upside down. Good job MOM!!

Klymyshyn Design said...

What a GREAT story! Send it to a magazine!
We also had an intimate family thanksgiving and for the first time EVER our turkey was NOT overcooked (while waiting for guests to arrive)--I had no idea that a turkey cooked just right was even BETTER than an overcooked one...however, the skin was inedible (still rubbery...maybe I could recook only the skin...?)