Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bring Home a Tree

Did my first ever craft fair this past Saturday and did a few new cards for it. I'm just getting to putting them up on etsy. Between a baby that is getting his molars at 15 months--go figure--, a girlfriend with jury duty in need of child care and a couple nights of very little sleep, I am running seriously behind. Not the best time of year to be behind, is it? But then again, you could probably say that at any time.

I like this card because of the little cars. They are just fun. It is a wheel from Stampin Up! and since I am a Demonstrator... Yeah, had to use it! This wheel is called Time for a Tree and you just roll and roll and you get different images. So you could keep doing different cards and unless you are seriously anal--which I do not have time to be--all your cards will be just a wee bit different.

So, enjoy the new card and if you like, hop on over to my shop and take a look at my other Christmas goodies. I will be posting more Christmas cards and I'm working on some packs and a new idea for next year.... I think it will be fun!

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Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

ok... get caught back up because i miss you!