Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Believe Christmas Card

I believe in Christmas. I believe in family, kids, the smells of trees, baking cookies, being together, making dinner, watching The Polar Express 65 million times with a 4 year old, wrapping presents at 12am, and everything else that comes with it. I like this card because it expresses all of that. I keep it blank inside so I can write long notes to those I like to do that with but stamp sentiments to those who I know just want pictures of the kids.

In my etsy shop I am doing something a bit different for Christmas. I am offering sentiment options. Buyers can opt to have all or some of their cards stamped on the inside with a Christmas sentiment either in black or a matching color. I think that will make it easier for a lot of the Christmas card buyers out there looking for choices. Below is a list of what I'm offering right now.

Off to make, glitter, emboss and stamp more cards!

1 comment:

Etsy Green and Clean Guild said...

I believe in all those things, too!
Your cards are beautiful - very inspiring.