Monday, June 15, 2009

Conversations With An (almost) Five Year Old

My two sons and I were on our way to run a couple errands when I get this question from the oldest:

Stas: Mommy, do all people have children?

Me: No, not everyone, honey. Your Uncle Todd doesn't have any children, right?

Stas: All people in our neighborhood do.

Me: No, not all of them.

Stas: All people in our state do.

Me: No, not all of them.

Stas: Why not?

Me: Some can't have children, some don't want kids, some don't feel they can adequately provide or care for kids.

Stas: What is marriage mommy?

Me: When two people love each other they decide to spend the rest of their lives together. Like me and your Daddy.

Stas: Macaroni and cheese is my favorite.

I guess the conversation was over.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Either that or he's going to marry Mac 'n Cheese!

Joyce said...

at least he didn't ask where babies come from....