Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's been a crazy couple of weeks. I just noticed that I've been so busy I haven't updated in almost two weeks. I think that may be a record for me. In the last two weeks we've had company, gotten rid of company, had a birthday for a 5 year old, had more company, got rid of more company and have been dealing with a 23 month old who has decided sleeping in the middle of the night may not be for him.

I opened up my computer yesterday and, to my surprise, find myself in not one, but two treasures! These are both done by members of the Etsy Twitter Team. This is by far the most active team I am on. How the leaders do all they do and organize all the events is beyond me. I clearly cannot even keep up with my blog.

This first one is called Shades of Pink and is curated by Sumikoshop. My beaded pen and note holder set is on the bottom right.

The next one is Shades of Orange and is curated by Cape Cod Jewel. My Rocket Man card is on the left, third down.

Well, on to a crazy week. I have a birthday Saturday--(the big 4-0!) and then my husband is taking me away for my birthday the next week. We get back, then my oldest and I are going to Ohio for a family reunion. My youngest turns two shortly after then my oldest starts kindergarten. And just like that, summer will be over. It goes fast, doesn't it?

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PorkStar said...

This is some very interesting stuff ya'll do.