Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mary, Mary Quite Contrary...

This is how my garden looked before I left for Florida last week. After a week of rain every day, we are now looking at a wonderful season!

This is Stasiu, posing as usual. My husband built the containers and the soccer nets at the back are for plants that vine such as tomato and beans.

These may not make it into the house. Stas eats them right off the vine and I'm sure Bohdan will follow suit once he sees what his big brother is doing.
Especially the grape tomatoes. Just too easy to pick and eat.
My son's cucumber. He picked it out, planted it and is caring for it. I just hope he eats it too.
One of our two squash plants. If they do as well as they did the first year, we will get sick of them by the end of summer!
This is my jasmine as seen from my craft room window. It covers the side porch that is off my craft room and is giving off the sweetest scent.

I finally have hydrangeas! The last two years have not produced blooms due to late frosts, but this year all three plants are doing well.


Rachel said...

If you see a mexican, 'tending' to your garden... don't shoot... it's just me. I am hungry.

LiLu said...

Congrats! I would LOVE a garden... too bad there's only cement growing outside...

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Looks great :)