Friday, October 31, 2008

Preschool Halloween Party

I don't have any shop related items to post since I spent the morning at a Halloween party with my kids. This is an annual party thrown by a member of my mom's group and she does a terrific job. She goes all out with the decorations, food, goodie bags, music, you name it. The kids have a great time as do all the parents.

The top picture is a partial of the kids. We couldn't get all the kids to sit at once. Perish the thought. My oldest is the dragon in the middle with his finger on his chin. That is his latest pose.

My youngest is pictured below. Yup. This is the what-could-I-have-possibly-done-to-deserve-this-mommy look.

I don't think he liked his costume nearly as much as I did.

What about you?

Happy Halloween!

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