Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Difference Between Boys and Girls

For the last weekend through Monday, I've been watching my friend's 3 year old girl, Lauren. She and my oldest are good friends and if you read my last post, are engaged. Yesterday I had Lauren all day. I let the kids run wild and do what they wanted so they could work off some energy. Thankfully, after 4 days of rain, yesterday was sunny and warm. It also gave me the opportunity to observe the differences between boys and girls.

Now, I have two boys. Two, dirty, rough, trouble making boys. And I love them for that. I love that in good weather, they need a bath ever single night from playing in the yard all day with dirt, trucks, bugs and the dog. I love that they are fascinated with gross stuff and will talk about it at dinner time if given the chance. I love every bruise, scrape and cut on them. Girls, I just don't know that much about. Here is what I've observed these last few days.

Girl needs help getting out of the truck. Boy jumps.
Girl doesn't like the dog because he makes her messy. Boy plays in the dog's water dish and licks his hands after.
Girl wants to make sure her outfit matches. In pink. Boy doesn't even know what shirt he is wearing.
When I say no, boy says "yes ma'am". Girl want to argue and comes up with suggestions and alternatives.
We had a few ants in the toy room. Girl won't play in there until they are all gone. Boy pokes them.
Girl stands on the couch because of ants in toy room. Boy stands in the middle of the floor and roars at them at Girls' behest.
Girl wants a drink. She asks with her hand on her hip and demands juice. Boy jumps up and down barely getting the "pleeeaaaaase" out.

Girl stepped in dog poo outside and squealed until I cleaned her up. Boy wanted to smell it.
Girl gives boys orders. They listen.
Girl wants a new sippy because the baby boy used it. Boy shares his with the dog.
Girl must have ribbons in her hair. Boy chews on ribbon.
Girl is looking for dress up clothes. Boy brings her a Bob the Builder tool belt.


kim* said...

hahaha this was a great entry to read today. It really made me smile. :)
i have two nephews and another on the way.

Joyce said...

hehe i think if you have a daughter and she grows up with your boys, she'll be more like your boys :)

Vivian said...

Ha, ha. Especially loved the girls telling boys what to do part! Great blog :)

Brenda Heisler said...

This post is wonderful! So true from what I've observed. So cute.

Margaret said...

LOL - what a joy to share from watching it! I bet it was fun! I look forward to what my sons do in the future, I'm sure they'll bring me LOTS of things that will gross me out - LOL

Cindy said...

Oh, that is good. I don't have a girl either. I did hear boys are easier to raise than a girl, so I'm glad for that. Thanks for sharing it was funny.

Christopher And Tia said...

Aww, this was cute.

Jenn J said...

Yep, that's too cute! Your boys are definitely boys and Lauren is definitely girly. Mine just can't decide, girl bodies with inner desires to be like the boys??? Great blog update!