Sunday, March 29, 2009

True Love

I've been helping my friend Molly move in this weekend. Her daughter Lauren, has had a great adventure as well. First she spent the night at Chelly and Jaina's house then she came to my house and spent another night. She has had a blast. While Lauren, Stasiu and Bohdan played, I was over helping to unpack and organize the new house. I'm not sure I got much done, but I was there.

A little while after I arrived, my husband called. Apparrently, Stasiu proposed to Lauren and she accepted. Yes! That is a daughter in law we would love to have! One of the nice things about Lauren is that she bosses Stas around--and he listens! A mommy can appreciate that. A little while later I got another phone call. They had professed their love for each other and were talking about a wedding. I tell the group at the new house and her mommy laughes and says "no baths and keep all feet on the floor". Daddy's not terribly phased because Lauren will undoubtedly change her mind.

At dinner that night, Lauren and Stas decided they need to have a wedding. Lauren has no dress up clothes here at my house so they are going to wait until we go to her new house and they are going to do it there. I asked what she is going to wear. She will wear her Cinderella costume and my son will wear her Belle costume.

Yes, I will be there and I will be taking pictures.


rachelsigmak said...

He has exquisite taste, she is a beauty! My son also likes the bossy girls... must be something about their mother's or something! ahahahah.

Donna Miller said...

Nonni wants a front-row seat!! I love their unique idea of appropriate bridal wear. So much cheaper and more original than a Vera Wang...