Thursday, April 23, 2009

Card and Journal for a Friend

A good friend of mine recently had a birthday and moved into a fantastic new house. The house is full of light, has a huge backyard for the kids and such a welcoming feel to it. Now, this is my Crazy Bird Lady friend. Yes, she has a bird thing. You will hear that she's been outside chasing squirrels and other problem birds away from her bluebird boxes. Yes, she opens the door and yells at the menacing birds.

As a housewarming gift, I found this wonderful soap set from Love Lee Soaps. Isn't it wonderful? Each individual soap has a different scent.

I made this gift tag to put on her bird soap gift.

For her birthday, I made her this card. You see, Molly and I enjoy our wine. We really do. And sitting on her back deck that afternoon sipping some good red wine --Life Is Good.

I used a double sided card stock and reinforced it with plain card stock. I like this look a lot.

A while back, I made some journals (here too) for some friends of ours for their birthday. As she looked at the journals, she looked me square in the eye and said, "I want one of these". Hint taken. Being that she is my Crazy Bird Lady friend, I naturally put a bird on her journal for her.

This is the inside of the journal. I always cover both sides; no one wants to see the silly writing on the inside when the outside is so pretty.

This is a better shot of the bird. This is from a stamp set my lovely husband gave me for Christmas. Can't you just see him combing through the aisles at Michael's or Hobby Lobby looking for just the right stamp? Pretty cute!

I'm working on some smaller versions of my journals at the moment and will have them in my shop soon.

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Jamie's Jewels said...

Love the bird journal..really pretty:)