Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zombie Momma

I think there is some kind of Universal conspiracy to keep me from getting a full night's sleep. I've not had one since Thursday night. My husband snores. Bad. With the pollen count being so high, he is very congested and keeping me up. Funny how he doesn't wake himself up. Most nights, I've gotten maybe 4 or 5 hours and I operate best on 8. On Saturday night, I was up at 2am. It was a long day.

By Monday night, I'd had it. I'd hit a wall. I went to bed by 10pm, got the earplugs and told hubby he was on his own for waking up on time in the morning. I hadn't made dinner, cleaned the house, made bread or done anything else I had planned on that day. I figured I was tired enough I would surely injure myself in the process.

Now the Universal Conspiracy starts. I'm actually sleeping pretty well. I smacked hubby around enough that his snoring was low enough that I couldn't hear them through the earplugs (I kid you not-it gets that bad), drifted off to sleep and was getting rest.

Stas wakes me up at 2am. I was startled out of a dream about copics ( I can't make this stuff up) and he tells me his tummy hurts. I shoo him off to the bathroom before he pukes all over me and the bed-again. He comes back and says it still hurts. I send him back to the bathroom. He pees and comes back to tell me he peed. I know because I heard him and he's turned ALL the lights on. He's feeling anxious and doesn't understand he just needs to sit by the toilet to see if he is going to puke. I'm trying to clean up as little mess as possible. Chris asks what's wrong and I tell him that Stas's tummy is upset again. He goes back to sleep.

I go sit with Stas in the bathroom and rub his back till he feels better. He doesn't think he's going to throw up. Good! We get a bucket and get him back into bed. I rub his back till he falls asleep. Usually I don't do this. I want him to be used to going to sleep on his own. I think I zoned out for a bit, may have even drifted off while sitting upright. Once I realized he was asleep, I went back to bed.

Of course, I had to pee first. It's the middle of the night and I'm vertical. Naturally, I have to pee. I come back to bed and the freight train that is my husband is at it again. Earplugs. Still. Can. Hear. Snoring. I smack him around a bit till his snoring is less audible and I'm not getting vibrations through the pillow (seriously) and go back to sleep. I've been up for maybe an hour and a half. sigh

I'm up at 6:30. On my own. I kid you not. No sleeping in a bit for me. I'm programmed. Smack husband and tell him to get in the shower. I get up, get dressed, change the sheets, get Stas up and get the day going. On the way out, Chris says, "Stas was up?"

He's still alive, I just don't know for how long. Oh, and Stas is fine. Went to school, was running around the house this morning and being his usual crazy self.

Me, I'm a zombie. Thank God for coffee.



Joyce said...

awwwww i hope you get some good sleep soon! i smack my fiance when he snores too :) and it sucks during allergy season...but i am usually too tired to notice nowadays hehe

Carol said...

I think that a mom has very little choice in being les slept and part of the walking dead. However, this too shell pass and you will get sleep, I wont'say when... but you will. Smile

Jamie's Jewels said...

Im exhausted just reading that..We have been blessed so far with a baby that always sleeps thru the night..But I know how you feel..It's hard for me to function on less then 7 hrs of sleep...Pathetic I know..LOL..I aslo have the spring allergies, I thought it was a cold, but maybe it is the allergies..I usually dont get it till May, and I keep my hubby up all night too...And I get zero sleep..I really despise the month of May!

LiLu said...

I, too, have to smack mine around! I haven't tried earplugs yet, but as you said, with pollen and his allergies, I am thisclose...

Mary Ann said...

Wow your post brought back memories.
I hope you get some sleep soon. When mine were little and my husband talked about work I used to tell him that I worked 24 hours a day and sometimes it really felt like I did.