Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mother's Day

It's just around the corner you know. Mother's Day. Are you ready with flowers, or a plant, books, jewelry and of course, the perfect card? The Etsy Greetings Street Team has joined together to run a Mother's Day card special. From now until May 5th every time you buy two cards from the same participating shop, you get free shipping. Yup, free shipping. You can just take $1 to $3 off your cost right there. To find these cards go to this link and browse through all the participating shops. For those of you accustomed to etsy search terms, just use EGMOM as a tag search.

The following are a few of my cards and I will be adding more as we go.

This card is done in watercolors. I really like how it turned out-very soft and feminine. It is blank on the inside for you to write your message.

Another great stamp from Paper Makeup Stamps. This one features a boy fairy (Jack) piling rocks. If any of you remember my post, The Rock, about my son putting a rock up his nose, you will know why I had to have this stamp!

I have a little monter. Two on some days. I wanted one from a boy and all his boyish charm. Another Paper Makeup Stamp image.

So, go to the Mother's Day link I gave you, pick out 2 cards from the same shop for FREE SHIPPING.

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