Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Grocery Game Bonanza!

Late Monday night and Wednesday morning I did my shopping. I know some of you have read my past posts on The Grocery Game and how I use it to lower my grocery bill. I won't go into it again, just click the link if you want basic information about it.

My latest haul was great! Here are my totals:

OOP $4.17 Saved $2.98 $3 in RR (they are doing the same thing that CVS is doing with the ECBs)
OOP $28.57 Saved $$24.44 $8 in ECBs
OOP $38 Saved $64.55
OOP $19.34 Saved $20.79
OOP $19.48 Saved $48.04

That's right I got $270 worth of groceries for $109. For this I bought

4 cases of diet coke
2 packages of huggies diapers
3 cases of bottled water
2 bags of goldfish crackers
2 3pound bags of white rice
12 yoplait yogurt
orange juice
3 hamburger helpers
2 frozen pizzas
8 bags of knorr side dishes
2 large jars of Helmans' mayonaise
3 bottles of Dawn
3 boxes of cookie crisp cereal
6 boxes mueller pasta
3 tins of pillsbury biscuits
2 french's mustard
plastic cups with lids
6 boxes of pop tarts
3 bottles of All detergent
4 packages of kraft cheese slices
8 eggo waffles
15 pounds of chicken breasts
2 tins of altoids
colgate toothpaste

I've not shopped like this in a while. Usually I spend about $50 a week getting milk, juice, fresh fruit and veggies, cheese and a few items we are low or out of. But, with these deals, I just couldn't pass them up.

Some of you have asked how I organize my stockpile, but blogger isn't allowing me to upload pictures at the moment. I'll do it as soon as it lets me.

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