Friday, August 7, 2009

Kids and Gardens

We had high hopes for our garden this year. We watered, planted, tended and the like. It's not doing so well. My husband thinks it's us. We just can't grow a garden. I'm willing to try again. Maybe next year when the baby is a bit older, I can spend more time and attention on it.

In the interim, our lantana grows like a weed. These are blooms the kids brought me. Nearly every time we go outside, the boys bring me blooms.

My roses aren't doing well either. I only have myself to blame. I haven't given them the attention that they need. They are still producing a few blooms. My Falstaff rose produced a beautiful bloom a couple days ago. The smell is just divine!

We do have some tomatoes coming in. These may make it into the house if the kids don't pick them and eat them right away.

Our tomatillo is blooming. My husband is hoping for a good crop for cooking. I'm hoping for salsa!

This is the baby. Naughty, cranky boy that he is. Good thing he is cute and sweet also. Daddy helped him climb a tree. Basically, he puts him up in it and holds him there. He is very pleased with himself when this happens. You can see his boo-boo on his chin. It's much better now although he keeps pointing to it as if he still has the steri strips and band-aid.

This is how I love him and his brother; sweaty, dirty and happy.

My oldest. He will be starting kindergarten this year. How did I get a five year old? He is so sweet, tender hearted and a lot of fun. He looks like such a boy here; the baby is gone.
Our newest family member. She would spend all day outside with the boys if she could.

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Joyce said...

I just want to mention that lantana is weed where I grew up :)