Sunday, August 9, 2009

Wok's Card

Today is Wok's birthday. Wok, in case you didn't know, is my mother. Once my husband and I settled down and quit moving around, she packed up and moved to our state and bought a house on the next block. We love having her so close. The boys get to see her all the time and have a really close relationship with her.

I've been asked about her name. We aren't sure where it came from. My oldest named her. We think it was because when he was around two, she would come over and ask if he wanted to go for a walk. We think "Wok" may have been his two-year old way of saying "walk". He would say it every time she came over and it stuck. And she absolutely loves having a special name that the was chosen for her by her grandson.

I made this for her today. Her friend, Helen, is up and we are going to cook out tonight after they are done doing girly things.

Happy Birthday, Wok!


Carol said...

Happy Birthday to Wok. And I love the card. I always look forward to your stories and your creations. Your Minnesota friend

Jamie's Jewels said...

Thats funny my niece and nephew call my mom didi, cause when they were little my mom used to play and sing with them and go "di..di..di..di...di..di..

Jenn J said...

Happy Birthday Wok! Love the card, Beth - beautiful!