Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Wonder Pets Save the Day

My youngest son is crazy for the Wonder Pets. C. R. A. Z. Y. On Sunday, he had Daddy singing the theme song to him over and over again. By the end of the day Daddy had used up so many animals that he was on to saving the baby giant squid and the baby Sasquatch.

That night, Bohdan just would not go down. He was fussing till after 9. I thought maybe his molars had started bothering him again and was going to snuggle him and give him some Tylenol to help. Daddy said I had to go up because he'd have to sing some more and he was done for the day.

Sure enough, I got up there, snuggled him and he wanted me to sing. I sang a verse then told him that Lenny, Tuck and Ming Ming were all asleep so they could get up the next day to save another animal. I asked him if he was ready to go to sleep like the Wonder Pets. Yup, sure was. He laid down, stuck his thumb in his mouth and was out.

We told him that again last night and it worked like a charm. Genius!


PorkStar said...

lol awwww he's so adorable.. however, what you did sounds to me like blackmail... just wait till he's older lol... JK

The Long Famil said...

Excellent work, Beth. Perfect thinking at the perfect time.