Sunday, October 11, 2009

Birthday Card for Helen

My mom is going to Georgia this weekend to celebrate her friend, Helen's, birthday. I offered to make her a card and wanted to try something I saw on someone's blog. "Gasp!" I know, I cased a card. In the card making world, casing is perfectly acceptable as long as you give the original maker credit. And, of course, I would never sell a card I cased.

I did this because I need to get more comfortable with layering and her card provided a great template for me to try. Her card is here and her name is Carolyn and she is part of the House Mouse blogging designers.

I think it turned out great and gave me a tutorial to get more comfortable with layering. What do you thik?


Katie Cotton said...

very cute card! I love all the layers!

Jenn J said...

I agree! Cased wonderfully! I love the layers and the colors. The inside is great too!