Wednesday, October 14, 2009

He Loves Soccer

This is Stasiu's third season playing soccer at our YMCA. We almost didn't sign him up for a second season because during his first he mostly stood around or bent over to pick up blades of grass. It also didn't help that he had a girlfriend, Amelia. You see, he and Amelia would stand on the field together and hold hands. They would giggle, chase each other and play--just not soccer. The coach caught on to those two and started separating them.

His second season he did better; except when it was too hot, or too close to lunchtime. He would get tired easily, not pay attention, or just not play. We did see some improvement and he played soccer instead of just playing so we gave it another chance at his insistence, to play again. He did like it, we just wanted to make sure he liked soccer and didn't see it as just a playdate.

This season has been amazing. Something clicked and he discovered he loves soccer. And he's getting good at it. The coach came over to me after the game on Saturday and said what an improvement Stas has made. He is understanding the rules, going after the ball and being overall agressive in his playing. He is no longer falling down because it is fun and when he does fall down, he gets right back up and keeps playing.

I told him that the coach thought he played well and he said, "yeah, I did! Did you see me mom?". We are so thrilled he is enjoying it and learning to play by rules, listen and all those other parenty things. But, he's also getting pretty good and the way his face lights up makes me so happy to see.


Jenn J said...

Soooo glad he's gotten into it! Looks like he's having fun AND doing great!! Can't beat that!

Joyce said...

just adorable! great shots!

Anonymous said...

He's just so darn cute!!!!! -Molly's Kim