Saturday, October 10, 2009

Phoebe Update

Remember this sweet little face? She is nearly five months old now. At our first appointment, the vet told us she may be a pugle--a beagle/pug mix and would top out at around thirty pounds.

At five months she weighs twenty-five pounds. So, maybe not.

This was taken yesterday. When she saw me with the camera, she did her lurch pose.

The vet we saw a couple weeks ago laughed when I told her the other vet said Phoebe was a puggle. She thinks she's a boxer/shepard mix and will top out around fifty pounds. Here she is next to Puck, our boxer, who weighs around seventy-five pounds.

The entire time I was photographing the puppies, Bohdan was playing under the table asking me to photograph him. He's pretty cute.

Not that I'm biased.

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Jenn J said...

Yeah, I think 30lbs is too low easy and 50lbs is probably much closer. Shall we all guess? I'm betting 65ish by 2yrs. :)
Love Bohdan's under table pose, he is always a cutie!!