Saturday, October 17, 2009

Fall For Greenville

Every year our city does a festival called Fall for Greenville. It's a festival of good food, music, rides and other things. The food is so very good.

This last weekend, Stasiu spent the night with his best buddy, Lucas. Lucas's mom was out of town so it was a boy's weekend with his dad. Originally, Lucas's grandma was supposed to go to help manage the chaos of three kids, but she wasn't feeling well, so I went instead. I had so much fun, too!

I couldn't resist this shot of the boys walking together after we parked the car.

The boys would yell "hi mommy, hi daddy" every time they went by. They got louder and louder with every pass. The people around us were laughing.

Lucas. He's a good looking kid, isn't he?

And he's down! Any surprise that Stas spent most of the time falling down in the bounce house?

Lucas's sister, Marialice. Isn't she pretty? She's also Bohdan's girlfriend, so hands off all you other toddlers.

James, Lucas's dad, took Marialice down the big slide. It's hard to tell who enjoyed it more.

Telling secrets in the backseat.

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