Monday, August 11, 2008

Sympathy Card

I think sympathy cards are the hardest to get right. You don't want glitz, glitter, ladybugs, butterflies and cutsey things. You want to convey your feelings in a sophisticated and simple way. It's hard to do. Even going to the grocery store to pick up a card, you get covered in glitter. And that is probably the hardest thing to do for a cardmaker. We like glitter, bright colors, ink, stamps, ribbons, die cuts--all of it. Most of us have drawers and shelves of stuff for cards.

My mom's friends's father died. It was expected, but loss is still loss. I made her a card to give him at her request. I wanted it to be simple, elegant and give her a place to put her own thoughts. This is what I came up with.


Happy Places said...

A beautiful card, sympathy cards are the most difficult to choose.

Paper Makeup said...

oooo... this is beautiful beth!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful card!