Saturday, August 9, 2008

Tile Drink Coasters

I'm really pleased with how these came out. I made a bunch as Christmas gifts this year and they went over very well. I only used black for them and wanted to experiment with color this time. I found this fantastic stamp at a garage sale for $2! Can you believe it? I think she bought it for a particular project then decided to unload it. I love the stamp. So much so, that I made cards with it, too.

Back to the coasters. I used permanent ink instead of sealing with acrylic. I did this for two reasons. One, it allows the roughness of the tile to be felt and I like that. Two, I can't use acrylic seals because of my asthma. I could take the artistic road here and say it is purely aesthetics, but that would be a big, fat lie. I spray acrylic, I don't breath so well.

I put little felt feet on them and, voila!, they are finished. I really like these. I think there are going to be more gifts going out.

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