Tuesday, December 9, 2008

BNR Buy and Replace Treasury

I have been remiss in my posting duties. I shouldn't say duties because I actually love blogging. My personal goal is to post every day or every other day at the latest. However, we at case RoseBushDesigns, have been sick. The oldest has a productive cough, the youngest picked up a stomach virus and his main goal is to go through as many diapers as possible in one day. Me? I have the trifecta of infections. Sinus, double ear infection and bronchitis. We are a joy to be around. Thank God we aren't sharing!

So, 4 year old wakes me up at flippin' 4 am wanting to snuggle. I'm not sleeping well anyway thanks to the trifecta, so I'm up. I figure I'll put in some face time with the computer. Get some emails caught up on, do some Christmas shopping, buy some books, hit etsy and such--have I mentioned the newest addition (my niece)to the family will be a GIRL!!! As I'm about to buy some toys on etsy I go to the treasuries first. One of the funky things is they never--never start on page one. Whenever you go to there, it plunks you down somewhere in the middle. This time, it plunked me down right into the middle and I happen to see a gold star! What a nice thing at 5:30 am! In etsyspeak a gold star means you are featured in a treasury. Being featured means you will hopefully get more traffic to your shop. Now, this treasury is a BNR, or Buy N Replace. The idea is one buys something from it (that they just adore) and and an item from their shop will then be featured in the treasury. A nice way to give everyone some love.

So take a peak while it's on; it will be up till friday. Here is the link: BNR Treasury.


Meekiyu said...

i hope you feel better... that sounds like one sick household =/ ... gratz on the new niece!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Feel better!