Friday, December 26, 2008

Dude! I got a Dell!

So, I have been using a desktop for a few years now. It is nice, but makes it kind of difficult to snatch computer time. It is in my craft room on the second floor and I get to hop on either during nap time or when someone is home with the kids. My craft room is also spill over guest space and is occupied from time to time (like now) so my time on my computer is also limited.

I have been telling my husband that when the kids are old enough to have their own, I'd like to get a laptop then give them my desktop to put in the "common room" for them to start using. They aren't old enough yet, but he got me one anyway!

The funny story behind that is he asked me one day about a month or so ago if I wanted a smartphone or a laptop. I said laptop. Then I IM'd my friend Molly the same question to which she answered, laptop, laptop, laptop. Mostly because we don't actually talk on the phone, we IM all day. Most of my friends and I IM or email to talk to one another. Plus there's the etsy shop, artifire shop, blog and all the ohter things I do. As a joke, he texted her asking what to get me for Christmas. She of course said laptop, thinking he really wanted to know. She had no idea I was standing there just having fun with her and feeding him responses. Anyway, she told me later saying how she put the idea in in his head... Cute!

So, I was awake before the chickens again this morning. I should sleep tonight--I took my last dose of prednisone last night so hopefully it will be out of my system and I will sleep like I should. I got up, loaded firefox and a few other applications and am sitting at my kitchen table enjoying myself. When my husband gave it to me, he joked it didn't come with tech support--ha ha! My guru will hopefully work on it some while I'm out shopping today.

Still have to get the IM up and running though...

Merry Christmas!


SecretMe said...

exciting! Laptops are great! and so is your friend

Nyblaque said...

laptops are coll!! enjoy it


Amber Dawn said...

After your comment on my blog that we have the same froggy I ventured over here to read yours. Seems we are living somewhat parallel lives because I too am desperately wanting a laptop to myself so the boys can have the main computer. I also am goiing to be seeing a freelance photographer soon for my family photos. I cant wait to get my photo CD!
PS you already know but your children are beautiful.

Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

woohoo! Now you need wifi!!!

Jenn said...

YAY for laptops and good hubby! Merry Christmas!!

w said...


and um. because you used the word "dude" in your blog post title, you are now my number one hero for the week.


Mary Ann said...

What a great hubby. I'm so jealous. We have a desktop in the family room and I have 2 teenagers, so needless to say, there is always a battle for computer time when they're home.