Monday, January 26, 2009

Coffee, coffee, coffee

I love my coffee. It's a well know fact among my friends. Most of our outings include a stop at Starbucks or Brickhouse. I start the morning off with a grinding and a percolating. Every morning. I do it before showering, getting dressed or brushing my teeth. Addicted? No, just well prepared.

This morning I am particularly in need. We had a busy weekend. Both kids are sick with some kind of profound snot producing cold. My wonderful husband took care of them while Wok (grandma) and I got ready for Switcharoos. After sorting, cleaning, ironing, tagging and inputing over 200 items, I am nearly ready. I have to go through the toy room now but will have quite the load. Switcharoos is our local consignment sale. It is HUGE. Twice a year Switcharoos starts off a domino effect of children's consignment sales in our area. This year not only am I consigning, but I'm also working the sale. But, thanks to Wok, I have just over 200 items ready for the sale--I'm ahead of the game.

Hence the need for coffee. I'm whooped! Today I still have two sick little ones to take care of. They are camped out in front of the tv with juice resting eating bananas and crackers.

The pictured mugs are my favorite ones. The top one I made at one of our local clay painting shops called Color Clay Cafe. My oldest and I went there for one of our "dates". It is great, it holds about 20 ounces of that carmel yumminess. Add a bit of milk and sugar and I'm in mommy heaven. The second is from my dish set and holds about 8 ounces. I love the tankard shape. If I let myself I could easily become a coffee cup collector. But we don't have a lot of space for such a thing in our kitchen so I figure if I don't start then I won't continue it. For now, these two are my favorite at home mugs.

Enjoy your monday while I wipe noses, fetch juice and snacks and drink lots and lots of coffee!


Debra said...

I love my coffee too!! Gotta have it. Cute mugs.

Purple Daisies said...

Wow, you made that mug at the top of your post? It's beautiful! I'm a coffee drinker myself and have one from Ireland that I love to drink from.

Renee toeNja said...

I love coffee, too. Having fresh ground sounds really tasty. We just buy the preground stuff. Those are very pretty mugs. :-)

Cindy said...

Very nice cup!! I would use the bathroom alot for sure. Sorry the kids are ill. No fun!! Good Luck on the Switcheroos!! Great to have things like that! Thanks for stopping by!!:)

byrheea said...

I love coffee too, especially Coffee Bean's. You make me crave for one now. :(

PS: Thanks for the vote in my poll!


W. J. St. Christopher said...

Switcharoos sounds fun, fun, fun -- I love that kind of thing!

I hope your kidlets are much improved today. I'm just getting over the barking-like-a-seal bronchitis, with no one to fetch my juice and bananas. So, good for them!

Finally, no coffee for me -- I'm strictly an 'Earl Grey with milk' kind of girl. Yum! (Though I do recognize the comfort of a favorite mug. ;))

Lorie said...

Gotta love a good mug!!

Brenda Heisler said...

Love the mugs. I'm a tea gal.

Take care of yourself while the kids are sick. Easier said than done!! Hope they'll be on the mend soon.

Your blog sure is pretty. I enjoy it very much.

shells said...

I literally can not function unless I have my morning cup of coffee. I didn't even start drinking it until I started working in childcare! I collect coffee cups too, I like having all different sorts, but my favourites to drink from are big mugs :D

simpledaisy said...

I love my coffee too!!! My favorite coffee mug is aqua and orange with butterflies on it...from Starbucks!!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!!
Take care~~~

High Desert Diva said...

200 items is an impressive amount!

I have a favorite coffee mug, too.

Rachel said...

I just found your blog, and am amazed...I drink Choffy (, and I run a children's consignment sale. I agree, can't live without my Choffy, and the sale is NUTS. Meaning...a lot of work, but worth it.
p.s. Sick kid today for me too. Hang in there.