Monday, January 5, 2009

The Grocery Game Bonanza

As some of you may know from one of my previous entries I play The Grocery Game and yesterday was GG nirvana! First of all the coupons were amazing! There were 5 circulars alone in my paper and the sales were nuts! I bought 5 papers (the Walgreens in my area sells the sunday paper for 88 cents) plus the one I have delivered, so I was cutting and sorting coupons for hours. My girlfriend bought 10 papers, I heard of some who bought 20. Here is a little background on my budget and how I make this work so you don't have to read this again if you already have.

On to the good stuff; my receipts. Yup, I'm going to post them and what I bought. Here is what I DIDN'T buy and why: meat, cereal and diapers. I didn't buy meat because my freezer is full. I hit Sam's last week when they were having a crazy sale and stocked up on chicken for $1.88 a pound, pork chops for around $2 and I still have ground beef from a Bloom sale that was $.99 pound. I still have cereal and I don't pay more than around $2 a box for it--usually less. I don't buy sugary cereals either so it tends to be harder to get. And as far as diapers go, I'm going to Costco later today, they are having a great sale with a coupon and I plan to stock up there.

This is my BiLo receipt and totals. The idea is to stock up when the deals are this good.

I bought:
6 bottles of Wishbone salad dressing
4 cans of campbells cream of chicken soup
6 jars of Jiff peanut butter
6 Softsoap liquid soap
1 bottle of Infusium shampoo (19 cents!)

This is my CVS receipt and my purchases.

One Touch blood glucose monitor (free)
2 Libriderm lotion
2 Boost 6 pack
2 Glade Diffuser Twinpack
2 Centrum Multi w/ Caltrate
2 All Small and Mighty Detergent
20 pack Cottonelle bath tissue

I also got $26 in ECB for my next visit there. My receipt was taller than me!

This is Publix, where I do most of my shopping because I just like the store. The food is good, and I like the store, the pharmacy and the people there.

Here is what I purchased:

2 Kelloggs Pop Tarts
Pampers Wipes
2 Totinos Pizza Rolls
2 Publix graham crackers
2 Flinstones Multi Vit
4 4-Pack Campbells Tomato Soup (ended up being .30 can)
2 Land O Lakes Butter
2 Aleve 50 count tablets
30 count Claritin
2 barillia Ziti
2 Barilla Angel Hair
2 Barilla Spaghetti
10 Danon yogurt (.30 each)
6 cans Progresso soup (.75 each)
Northland cranberry juice
2 Kraft Macaroni Dinner
Lea and Perrins worcestershire sauce
2 Athenos Hummus
Publix frosted flakes ( 1 cent item)

That's a lot isn't it? I rarely buy meat there since Bloom, Ingles and Sam's have such spectacular meat deals and I just stock up there. So, if you are interested in cutting you grocery bill by 45 to 50% as I have without having to sacrifice what you eat, check out The Grocery Game. Make sure you put me down as a referral too (! Whenever you refer someone, you get a month free so be sure to do the same once you sign up.


kristina said...

that's impressive!! i wish i had the patience to go through coupons or make at an attempt to have some and use them. but truth is i don't. lol so savings like that are elusive to me

kim* said...

wow great :)

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

Whenever I get "get free" coupons I go to Bi-Lo and it's like I'm stealing because the balance I owe is so little! I love days like that!

Bella said...

Ahhhh, gotta love saving lots of money!

kiddlebug said...

That is awesome! Things don't work that way where I live. They don't have double coupon days and even finding regular coupons is not easy. I'll have to dig some more!

PamperingBeki said...

Too cool!!

emmasgemsvintage said...

Some great tips! I'll have to check out The Grocery Game. I have to keep my husband away from the store and the kitchen first! He loves to shop (mostly)and cook but doesn't care much about saving!

Beth said...

I don't let my husband do the grocery shopping any more. The same man who thought I could do it for pennies seems to think you can swoop in and throw things in the cart week after week and still stick to a budget.

High Desert Diva said...

I used to rock the was so fun to see how much $ I could save.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

You are a grocery shopping wizard! I will have to check out this site. Thanks!