Friday, January 23, 2009

Post It Note Holders

I finally am getting these posted. It was difficult, let me tell you. I had a custom order for these so I made extra to put in my shop. I adore custom orders, money in the bank right? But, that also means that I can't work on things that need to be done. Such as Valentines, new ideas, birthday cards and the like. It's a juggling act. I need to find that balance.
On to the post it notes. I made these for my very first repeat customer--woo hoo!! That repeat customer made me think that, hey, maybe I've "made it". So as I'm straddling that awkward phase between getting a lot of shop attention and not really having time to stock it.... I know a lot of you out there know exactly what I mean. In the interim, I'm trying to find that balance of promoting/blogging/crafting/spending time with my kids/husband/down time and other things I want to do. I'm not sure in what direction I want to go.
Up to this point, I've had naps and a couple nights a week to create. Well, we are down to one nap a day and during that nap there is a 4 year old that needs attention. And I don't want to be the wife that says "see ya" every night after the kids go to bed. I need a schedule,I think.

In the meantime, I've finished these and have them in my etsy shop and my artfire shop. They say "the little things" which I think is appropriate for taking little notes. The pink one is from paper my husband gave me for Christmas.


threemoonbabies said...

I sooo identify with you! I also have one that naps and a 4 year old who needs attention during that time:) I also need to find the balance. You have a really great shop! Your post it note holders are really pretty!

Janet P. said...

Very pretty post it note holders!

Creative Minds said...

Those are awesome!

Jenn said...

YAY for custom order from repeat customer! They are great!!