Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Every morning I put on my makeup around 7am-a pretty early hour. Thankfully I wear this:

It's a great color, especially for a mom. It is from Bare Minerals It is light, gives me a bit of color and in the wee hours, if I mess it up getting it on, you really can't tell.

You may wonder at the U2 video. The name of the color is "Desire". Every morning when I put it on, the U2 song plays through my head. I figured I share it with you.



kim* said...

i too wear bare essen. but i have to add lotion, theirlotion and that oter silky make it look good on me. i am stuck thinking if i want to go back to liquid...not sure.

Beth said...

I like it. I wear their moisturizer under it and it works great. I used to wear the reverruper but stopped when I started the moisturizer. I can't wear liquid. I sinks into my pores and looks horrible.

Brenda Heisler said...

I've never tried it, but hear good things. I wear K-Mart or whatever. Used to use Mary Kay. Love the song.


You look good on it! I can't wear any make-up or I end up with rashy red face, yuk! Saves money though :)

Great song to have in your head... and enjoy your ??th year, let's not grow up! :0)