Saturday, January 17, 2009

Vetting Blogs Before You Add Them

I love reading blogs. I could easily spend all day doing it. When I first started this whole blog business if someone put me on their blog roll I automatically put them on mine. Seemed like a good idea, right? Well, not so much. I did that once way back when. I then had some time on my hands and went and visited everyone's blogs and the blogs they had on their blog rolls. Some of them had some interesting blogs on their blog rolls.

Now, I don't have a problem with this. I am open minded. Those of you who know me in real life know this and are probably reading this going "huh?". But, part of the purpose of my blog, besides fun and games is also to promote my business sites on etsy and ArtFire. So, you do have to be a bit more mindful. I also send my blog to relatives-read grandparents-so I also watch what I put up here.

That person way back when eventually found their way off my blog roll and I started vetting my blogs. There are 3 ways I do this. Anal? Yeah, probably. I follow anonymously. These are ones I'm trying out, businesses (mostly to find out about free shipping and such) and ones that I want to just check out for a while. I also have friends and family that I think may want their blogs left out of the public blogosphere for a bit. And there are some, who still don't have the "follow me" button.

Then there are those I follow publicly. Those are obvious. I think they have fantastic blogs.

The ones on my blog roll are easy. They are friends and my teams. In all honesty I haven't updated my blog in months and need to do so. I am going to move some from the annonymous to public following. Stop following some, pick up others, and put more on my blog roll. I'm also going to get rid of some widgets and I'll probably find some along the way.

A few months back I found out about one of the several blogs where you submit your blog, shop or site and the blogger will edit it for you. Sounds great, right? So, I followed this blogger for a few weeks to see what they were all about. About 2 weeks into their blog, I found a post with numerous mistakes. Okey dokey. Now, I know I have posted with errors. But I am not claiming to be a writing guru of any kind. So, I am going to submit my blog, you are going to tell me what is wrong with it and post it for everyone to read. Yet, you cannot post without 3 mistakes in one posting. So glad I had institued my rule proir to this.


Hyla Waldron said...

I never really thought about who followed my blog. I only find follow the ones I read daily and if they dont update in 2 weeks, I take them off. That is the thing I hate, you come across a fantastic blog, you decide to follow and then the writer is NEVER heard from again! I try to blog 2-3 times a day on my blog.

I dont check out anyone else's followers, never even thought about it, nor do I check out the blogger profile, unless I need to contact them, and that is what I do, I dont check out the blogs they follow, just never thought to.

nuvonova said...

That's why I would never (I think) ask for a full crit on my etsy shop or blog, because it would really irritate me if people weren't responding with correct grammer etc.. don't worry, I'm anal too!

kim* said...

yeah i read so many blogs but there are some people i remember more even not on my list...