Thursday, July 16, 2009

Asheville-Birthday Continuation

Remember how I said I'd do better keeping up with my blog. Uh-yeah. It's been a week. Okey dokey.

Over last weekend, Chris took me to Asheville for a continuation of my birthday. Nice husband, huh? You bet! On our first day, we went back to the Biltmore and did a behind the scenes tour. It was so fun! There was a group of about a dozen of us and the tour guide took us to areas that aren't on the main tour. We also had a great tour guide with a lot of fun information about the house and the family.

This is a koi pond just outside the house. I love the reflection of the sun in the pond.

Wok stays at our house and takes care of the kids. Last time, we bought her a chicken. We decided to continue the tradition. This is Chris holding our purchase and wearing a goofy hat. No, he did not buy the hat.

Chris took this of the beetle on the flower. He did a great job, didn't he?

I have no idea what this flower is but thought it was cool looking.

There were tons of bees pollinating while we were there. They were all over the flower gardens.

After we hit downtown Asheville, we came across an impromptu drum group. There seemed to be a total of about 9 people with drums. It was great! The crowd dancing near them just got bigger and bigger. There were people that brought their kids and were dancing with them. It was really fun!

I've got more Asheville pictures then pictures from our Cincinnati trip-which is where I am now!

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Looks like you had a fun trip - and you took some incredible photos!