Friday, July 24, 2009

Concussion Boy Strikes Again

My oldest and I were in Ohio last weekend for a family reunion. We went to see family that I hadn't seen since I was a kid. While there, Stasiu made fast friends with all the other kids there and was on the swingset, playing with the dogs and in the tree house.

We told the kids several times to close the trap door so no one would fall out. Well, true to kid's nature, someone forgot. True to Stas's nature, he didn't realize it and backed into it and fell out of the tree house. About 8 feet.

I wasn't there, but my brother was and took him to Gary who is (thank goodness) a pediatrician. Stas managed to not even break a bone or scratch himself up too much. A minor miracle for him. We thought he was fine. He was a little whiney--but I think that's because he got the scare of his life.

About an hour later, he got sick. Gary took a look at him and said it's time for the ER trip. Gary called the ER to let them know we were comming and to order tests, my brother drove while I sat in the back with Stas. Thankfully, the ER was about 5 minutes away.

The triage nurse said we'd be seen when it was our turn and I was fine with that. Then Stas got sick again. She grabbed him and my brother and took him back. The ER doctor had already heard from Gary, saw Stas and ordered an x-ray and some anti-nausea medicine. All this before I finished registering him. Thankfully, there were no broken bones and the cat scan showed no internal bleeding. It was a concussion.

A few hours later, the nurse brought Stas a popsicle which he ate with enthusiasm.

The doctor had us wait a little to make sure the vomiting was over then discharged us and gave us permission to drive home the next day. By Monday, Stasiu was jumping off couches and playing in the backyard like nothing happened.

His local pediatrician wanted to see him and said angels must have caught him for him to take a fall like that and not get hurt worse than he was.

Thankfully, we had about 40 relatives there willing to drop everything and help. Holly, Gary's wife offered to take us. Gary called and took care of things. Aunt Patti cleaned up the mess after Stas got sick. Aunt Joyce kept tabs on us so everyone would know what was going on. Uncle Rob drove us to the hospital and stayed the entire time-then took us back to the hotel.

We were far from home, but never alone with all the family supporting us. I was very thankful for that.

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Cindy said...

Wow, that was scary. I'm glad he alright. I want to see that puppy!