Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hurricane Lauren

Yesterday my friend Molly came by with her daughter Lauren. Molly was dropping off my Stampin' Up! order and brought the new catalog for me to drool over. While we visited for a few minutes, the kids all went upstairs to play in Stas's room.

If you remember, Lauren and Stasiu are engaged. She's good for him. She gives him orders, to which he usually listens and keeps him in line.

The two lovebirds.

Now they were here for about 3o minutes, tops. Molly had more errands to run and I was busy cleaning the house trying to get ready to go out of town today. At one point, we hear Stas holler down that his camera didn't work. This was after the door slammed and the baby started crying because he was shut out of the room. We just had to laugh at that one. We should have known better.

I had just finished cleaning his room. I even ran the roomba.

Nearly all of the stuffed animals are in the tent. The tent that was in the playroom.

We have no idea why there is a chair on the bed. I'm sure Stas was on it at some point. Probably standing.

He has a floor, I swear.

After I discovered this, I asked Stas; was this your doing or Lauren's? He immediately said "Lauren". Keep it up, buddy, that kind of talk will get you in trouble.


Carol said...

So funny, I thought maybe your guys were getting a hurricane of natures way. Children you got to love them.

PorkStar said...


wow... I think i have seen that kind of damage around my best friend's house. I attempted to help pick up but I gave up before I started.

Cindy said...

Oh, he's a quick learner! That is funny! Poor Lauren she will have to defend herself.

Victoria said...

what a hoot!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's funny! Must have been frustrating though :P