Monday, July 6, 2009

Beth at 40

On Saturday I turned 40. I have no idea how it got here. This is similar to the " I have no idea how my kids got to be 5 and 2" feeling I have.

It was a great weekend! I had a wonderful night out Thursday at the Melting Pot with some girlfriends. I was under the assumption it was just a girl's night out, but it was a surprise party for me. How nice! The girls even got together and bought a massage for me at a local spa. I am really going to enjoy that!

Carol and a good view of my tonsils.

My good friend, soon to be in-law and fellow wine drinker, Molly and me.

Susan and Jessica also came out to celebrate.

Kim, who organized this, and Katie.

On Friday, Chris kept the kids and mom and I went to The Beaded Frog. It is our local bead store with thousands of beads and ideas to choose. I made this. The pewter charm at the bottom is a mass of frogs.

That night, Chris arranged to have Wok watch the kids and took me to one of our favorite restaurants, Saskatoon. We had a wonderful, kid-free time.

That next day, I slept till 10:30! I haven't done that since before kids. Chris entertained the kids outside and upstairs so I could sleep as long as I wanted.

Later that day, Wok and I ran to the mall with Stasiu to do a little shopping. We then came back to an amazing steak dinner Chris prepared. I received all kinds of wonderful gifts from friends and family. Molly gave me awesome wine, my sister in law gave me a beautiful bud vase to use with my roses from my garden, I received gift cards to further my shopping habit and my mom gave me a beautiful glass necklace. But, the ultimate gift came from my husband....

Yup, you saw that right, a Nikon D40 camera. Nice, huh? Great hubby, huh? Lots and lots of points for him, right? You betcha. I've been playing/learning all weekend and am loving it.

It allows me to take beautiful pictures of the baby, like this one.

And gorgeous close ups of lantana in my garden like this.

He did good, didn't he? Well, he's not done. This weekend he is taking me to Asheville for a long weekend. I. Am. A. Lucky. Woman.


PorkStar said...

lol @ at a nice view of your tonsils lol...

Nice pictures!

Cindy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! It sounds like you had a great time!! Nice gifts too! Hopefully your 40th will be wonderful all year through!

Katie Cotton said...

FABULOUS! I'm so jealous! :)

Joyce said...

wow happy belated birthday! awesome camera!

Rose Works Jewelry said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)