Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'm Going to Start an Ambulance Service

In the last six weeks, I've made 5 ER runs. The first was in the beginning of June for Stasiu's first set of stitches. Good thing he did that, because he prepared me for the following weeks.

On the very next day, I took my good friend, Molly to the ER for what turned out to be a stomach virus.

And, of course there is the concussion two weeks ago. A week later, I took my mom in for severe hand pain which turned out to be either lupus or carpal tunnel.

Now, the baby is getting in on the act. He jumped off the subwoofer and hit his chin on a toy. We didn't even realize how bad he cut his chin until he walked past me bleeding. He cried for a few minutes then noticed that daddy had a yummy lunch and got distracted. We got lucky. The slice started healing up on his pudgy little chin and the doctor ( who was the same one with my mom, by the way) decided to use steri-strips so I can keep it clean.

My mom's parting words as I went to the ER? "Get used to it." Thanks, mom.


Joyce said...

wow! i hope everyone gets better soon!

LeelaBijou said...

Oh, so bad, sending you my best wishes!
I hope you won´t have to get use to it!