Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cincinnati Aquarium

We did do other things in Ohio besides go to the emergency room. We actually did touristy things too ( although for some the ER may be touristy). On one of the days, we met my cousin Dana and her beautiful daughter, Grace and went to the Aquarium. The aquarium isn't actually in Cincinnati; it's in Kentucky.

The kids loved it. There were sharks, jellyfish, turtles, gators and all sorts of creatures.

This is a poison dart frog. I just liked the picture.

Beautiful Grace at Johnny Rocket's after the aquarium. One of the fun things about the restaurant is that for some songs that come on (in our case Respect, by Aretha Franklin), the music gets turned up and the entire staff dances-even by the grills.

My son got to "pet" a crab.

The kids played in a mister out on the boardwalk.

The Cincinnati skyline from Kentucky.
Yeah, I may be biased--but aren't they sweet?


PorkStar said...

The pics are nice and your kids adorable!

Carol said...

You really take great kid pictures. I think other than the emergancy room your trip was fab.