Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blue Christmas Tree

I finally uploaded this card to etsy and not because it took me forever to finish. Well it did, but that wasn't my biggest problem. I had funky shadows over my card. I took about 20 pictures and still funky shadows. So I go through my check list:

Card in front of only window---check

Natural light (borrowed from friend) on---check

Table lamp on--check

Macro setting on camera on---check

Flash off--check

Okey dokey. Now I know my pictures aren't the best but they are improving. I rack my brain and try to figure out why they just look funky. It is time to pick up the preschooler so I turn off lamps and head downstairs to collect shoes to run back upstairs to wake up the sleeping baby to go. As I'm heading out the craft room door, I go to turn off the light. Ruh roh. Yup, never turned on the room light.

Man, I need more sleep. Or just more coffee.


alexlady said...

very pretty... and i ADORE your blog design! really eye-catching and unusual!



ME said...

this a beautiful christmas card. blue's my favorite color!