Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

It's been going around the blogging world like a virus. The tag. You name 6 things about yourself, "tag" 5 people then they do the same. It's fun. You get to do something silly and involve others in it. I always prefer to have cohorts when I do silly things.

I was tagged by OmShanti. She has a great shop with luscious balms, soaps and salves. She also happens to be having a sale now!

My facts:

1) I lived for 3 years out of my native country in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
2) I've probably lived in over 20 homes.
3)I will be celebrating my 6th wedding anniversary in 2 weeks.
4) Besides making cards, I like to knit.
5) I own probably over 2000 books.
6)I really, really don't want to move away from where I am now.

Now, I am tagging some fellow etsians. Take a look at their fabulous shops and their blogs. They are very interesting people and very nice to boot!

RoseWorks Jewlery and her blog. I featured her in my last entry.
ChristopherandTia and her blog. You probably know her from her monday suck day blog give away. She's super cute and a lot of fun.
CurlyfrySC'sCollage and blog. She is on my Team South Carolina and is also very nice!
KalaPholStudio has one of the more interesting blogs I read.
Last, but certainly not least is Posh Pretties. She has the very cool blog that inspired my new background. You can find out more about that about 3 posts ago.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

I'm not going to play this time around, but thanks for the kind attention!

Happy Anniversary :)

Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hopefully you enjoy your big day together!

omshantihandcrafts said...

Early congrats on your anniversary!

And, yes. I don't want to move EVER AGAIN.

Miranda said...

Thanks for the tag, I finally had a chance to post it.

Happy (Early) Anniversary!